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Child Specialist Indore | Food Allergies in Children

As per the best pediatrician in Indore, approximately 80 to 90% of food allergies in kids are preventable. Food allergies in kids usually occur when the immune system of the child is weak or does not work properly and also in the condition when a certain type of food we eat gives an abnormal response to that food.

What Causes Food Allergies in Children

In general, the immune system of the body helps to protect from a variety of germs, viruses, and also from varieties of diseases. The immune system protects by making antibodies that help you in protecting from germs, viruses, bacteria, and other tiny organisms. But, if the child has any type of food allergy, that time the immune system misinterprets a dietary component and it is very dangerous to diagnose the child with some serious diseases.

As a parent, you know that the kids have a habit of not eating healthy food especially green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and other vegetables which play a major role in their growth and development.

According to the best pediatrician in Indore out of 20 children, almost 10 have some sort of food allergies but the parents did not know about them till the time when the child did not try some new type of food and the allergy occurs.

Therefore, it is necessary not only for a parent but also for the ones who spent some time with the child to get in touch with the best pediatrician in Indore to know about the signs and symptoms of food allergy and how to prevent it.

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